Designer & Illustrator

Theater Branding


Corkscrew Theater Festival


For the festival's inaugural year, I was asked to create a brand identity prior to play submissions. When we initially met, I proposed a handlettered typeface throughout the festival to align with the team's hands-on, innovative approach of creating a new festival in the NYC theater circuit. Submissions revealed that the twelve shows selected were united by young people handling life issues & creative collaboration. Below is the collateral I developed for print & digital use.



My Parents Are Here Tonight


The female-led team behind the play, My Parents are Here Tonight, asked me to design the key art that accompanied their show's inaugural run. The show, which is set in the dressing room of a high school theater in the early 2000s, centers around the joy and vibrance of being in high school theater. I suggested a poster that incorporated doodles of symbols mentioned in the play along with some early 2000s identifiers (the "graffiti S" symbol carved into countless high school desks across the country, an older generation of iPod, etc.) and used hand-drawn features that resembled a note passed around in class and perhaps photographed with a pre-smart phone flash camera.