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The Friendship Kit

Branding, print design, illustration


The Friendship Kit

branding / print design / ART DIRECTION / ILLUSTRATION

The Friendship Kit is a colorful stationery set that aims to make long-distance friendships stronger. I created this stationery package to fill a need to communicate with friends who lived hundreds of miles away. I wanted to develop a stationery set that would stand out in a stack of mail, with a soft but punchy palette that reflects the joy of hand-written letters. The Kit also includes business card-sized Daily Affirmations, a small token that pen pals could send to one another as reminders to take breaks and celebrate small successes.


My exhaustive list of hand/writing utensil/letter combination sketches, before I finally landed on a front-oriented hand with fingers for pen and pencil "buildings." (Yes, I did write "omg" next to the sketch when that idea finally clicked)


I knew that custom illustrations would be an important part of making this project feel approachable and fun. I decided immediately on illustrating different ways that people have communicated over the past few decades, from mixtape CDs to Apple watches, and used Adobe Capture to scan my sketches into Illustrator. The results didn't yield exactly what I wanted, so I scanned my sketches manually and traced over them with Illustrator's pen tool.