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Friendship Kit Affirmation Cards (5-Pack)

Friendship Kit Affirmation Cards (5-Pack)


Send self-care reminders to friends and family (or keep them for you!) with this affirmation card bundle. Available for a limited time only!

Learn more about The Friendship Kit stationery series here.

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All 2 x 3.5 cards are printed on 18lb uncoated paper made from recycled tee shirts.

Phrases include:
When I’m going through a hard time, I know that my community is a quick text or phone call away.
I am never alone. I have friends and a community that support me.
Sometimes my feelings are just feelings. They don’t have to dictate the rest of my day.
I give myself permission to take breaks and not overwork today.
Today, I’m taking time to enjoy the journey. I accept that achieving my goals is not an overnight mission.

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