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No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry

DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION / character studies

No Kid Hungry is a Washington, D.C., based non-profit that provides free breakfast and lunch to low-income children. Through interviews and photos of the students they help, I  was able to develop character studies of the children to accompany a presentation on the statistics discovered by the team. I opted for a bright, colorful palette to maintain anonymity of the children while retaining a fun, playful spirit.


A Slice of Crown Heights


I designed a miniature map of Crown Heights, my last New York City neighborhood before relocating to Philadelphia. The map is a memento of the special memories I made over the years, as well as a small sample of the neighborhood's stores and institutions (the Brooklyn Museum, Quisqueya Deli, Breukelen Coffee Shop, etc). A printed version now lives in my home studio and postcards are available for purchase by request.

Embroidery Template.png

Embroidery For Meditation

DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION / a collaboration with morgan fletcher

Embroidery for Meditation is an ongoing workshop that highlights the meditative qualities of fiber art while creating. Attendees learn to stitch their own unique embroidery project in a meditative environment. Morgan asked me to collaborate with her on a custom pattern for her students to stitch as they saw fit. It was so fun creating a custom template for students to fill in with their imaginative ideas for color and stitch techniques.


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